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Thursday, April 28, 2011

British Got Talent : Razy Matrix Dance Gogonea

BRITAIN'S Got Talent body-popper Razy Gogonea has revealed he is desperate to win the show - so he can earn enough to buy his fiancée an ENGAGEMENT RING.

Unemployed Razy, 28, got a standing ovation for his Matrix-style routine on Saturday night.

He also won viewers' hearts when he broke down in tears after the judges put him through.

Emotional ... Razy Gogonea
Emotional ... Razy Gogonea
Last night Razy told TV Biz how his success takes him a small step closer to the £100,000 winner's prize - and fulfilling his aim of buying a ring for fiancée Ruth Lee, 27.

They got engaged six months ago but are living in Ruth's parents' house in Manchester because they are too hard-up to move out.

Despite Razy's best efforts, he still does not have enough cash put aside to get a ring for Ruth.

Razy, who was born in Romania, said: "It's upsetting not to be able to afford one.

"If I won BGT the first thing I'd do is buy one. I've got my eye on a couple already. She deserves the best and I'll do my best for her. We're hoping to get married this year."

Tears ... Ruth Lee
Tears ... Ruth Lee
Ruth said: "Razy has always said the first thing he'll do when he gets some money is get me a ring. I've seen a few I like, but they are quite expensive. We really want to get married but it all depends on the money."

Razy left Romania and his job as an animator when he was 18 to pursue his dream of becoming a dancer.

He went to live in Cyprus, where he perfected his body-popping moves after finding a dancing job.

He met Ruth on the island in 2008 while she was working as a singer. They moved to Britain soon after.

Razy entered the BGT auditions in the hope of making a name for himself and admits he has been overwhelmed by the reaction to his audition. Razy - who holds a visa to work in the UK - said: "It feels fantastic. I am feeling overwhelmed by it. I didn't anticipate how big it would be."

C-Razy moves ... Gogonea
C-Razy moves ... Gogonea
Ruth added: "I knew that he was fantastic because of the emotional connection between us and I had hoped everyone else would too. He is an emotional person. He has worked for 16 years for this and it means so much to him. It'd be a dream come true if he won the show. He deserves it."

Razy's early success has already made him a star in his homeland, where his family still live. Ruth said: "He's amazed by how big it is there. It is all over the Romanian news." Razy is the 10-1 favourite to win BGT after his performance. Singer Ed Reid is 11-1 and impressionist Les Gibson 12-1, say bookmakers Coral.

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