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Friday, March 21, 2008

Miyabi Effect!

Who's been Googling Maria Ozawa?
Top Hits Viewers based on their cities/locations


Google Trends show the volume of search in Google for Japanese actress "Maria Ozawa" - famous Porn Star in Asia. Since October 2005 (first video) when she starts to appear the number of search has been increasing dramatically, having a peak in June- August 2006.

She is undoubtedly one of the most googled Japanese actress, surpassing previous J-queen Akira Fubuki. From trends by countries, countries in South-East Asia dominates, and Indonesian is her largest fans. Canada, her former hometown only at the 10th position.

Googling for Miyabi/ Maria Ozawa gives similar results, but earlier rise (August 2005) with a peak in July 2006. Unexplainable peak??

No surprise Fact awarded to : Indonesia Miyabi “Die Hard” Fans!

Based on cities, she is the mosts searched in East Java, Indonesia (Yogyakarta & Surabaya)

First Rank is Yogyakarta !

Congrats! Yogyakarta is undoubtly a legitimate city for Miyabi ‘die hard’ fans! Whatever you say, we are bathing in septic tank together! Merdeka!!!!! (sick!)

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Dickey-Im2 Broom Overload said...

Miyabi pinter bernyanyi , selain body ama paras aduhai , suaranya juga aduhai.
Tapi hatinya nggak aduhai donk......matre...hahahah
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